Books are our friends …

Today’s theme is … books! After many years of not really reading (life, kids, work), I’ve jumped back into it and man, have I missed it! Looking back I had absolutely no excuse for not being a more prolific reader; even 10 minutes a day would have been acceptable and now my bookshelves are filling up again after having culled them some time ago.

17403672This is what I’m currently reading. Highly recommended! Read its review on the Goodreads website.

The snacks you eat while reading determine the mess you make!  Here, Simone talks about her favourite reading food on her blog, Simone and her Books

Do you think having a dedicated reading chair is a luxury when you can slump down onto your lounge or roll around on your bed instead? This site gives you a rundown on its choice of best reading chairs.

Now that you’ve picked your chair, wouldn’t you like somewhere lovely to place it? Not everyone has room for a reading nook; I have a red tub chair in the corner of my bedroom next to my bookcase and it works just fine! The Spruce website shows you how to create your own space.

So now you’ve chosen your book, chair, food and place to read, what to wear?! This site has a range of stylish stretch pants.

And that’s it for today!

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