So you want to see a penguin?

You can go see a penguin at the zoo ….

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

or …. You can visit Antarctica and see hundreds of them there!

Photo by Suzan Kiršić on Unsplash
Antarctica may not be the cheapest place you could visit from Australia but there are actually a few ways you can control the costs with a little bit of planning.
For a comprehensive rundown of how to get there, what to do and what you’ll see, this is a great place to start!
Visit a slice of history. When Sir Douglas Mawson explored Antarctica over a 100 years ago, small huts were built for research and living arrangements. Read more about this young explorer and what he achieved here.
So what is it that you should pack in your suitcase when visiting one of the coldest places on Earth? A lot more than a bikini! Here is a comprehensive list of essentials.
(Yes, he’s cute but I wouldn’t recommend you take your toddler with you!) Photo by Irene Wong on Unsplash
Now … not everybody wants to visit the penguins and other wildlife and be amazed at the historical goings on from past explorers.
What is China up to on our block of ice? Ok, Antarctica doesn’t really belong to Australia although we do feel like it is ours in a way, but it does need to be protected from future mining and other activities from our government as well as others.


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