A woman’s work is never done

When I was leaving school, the popular career options for females were secretary, nurse or teacher. Yes, I know many school leavers completed degrees in other fields but it seemed to me at the time in the late 70’s that these three careers were the ones being pushed the most.

Of course other factors influenced you as well; your mother and father and what they thought you should do, what your friends were doing and how well you did in your HSC. Economics also played a part. Having come from a single parent family, my father hightailed it out of there the moment I got my first job and I was left on my own to figure things out but that’s a whole other story !

I opted for secretary. I didn’t need a degree. I needed a job and it was a field in which I could learn and grow as technology progressed through the 80’s and 90’s and onwards.

But I could have been anything even though at that time it may have been a little bit harder to convince employers of that.

Of course though, women have been working for centuries outside of the home assisting on farms, working in the fields and other hard labour tasks.

This article fills you in on the lives of women working as truckers, a lobster fisherman, firefighters, butchers, mine operators and other areas of work usually considered to be “manly”.

women doing mens work

If you had a choice to reboot your career, what would you choose? I like to think that being a mechanic would be an interesting alternative to fetching my boss’s coffee. Which of course now, I fetch my own.

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