I watched a movie! – “Love Wedding Repeat”

Love Wedding Repeat | Netflix Official Site

I watched this one yesterday on Netflix. A nice Saturday afternoon viewing. I absolutely enjoyed the first half, even laughed out loud in a couple of places but then the second half came screeching in with an introduction from a lady with a lovely British accent, and well, I didn’t enjoy it quite so much. Shame.

But. I would still recommend it as it’s a short viewing at 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Official reviews follow.

Look, it’s right there in the title; love, wedding, repeat.

“Based on the 2012 French comedy “Plan de Table,” Craig’s film eventually does kick into timeline tricks, utilizing them in such flimsy fashion that the conceit never gets a chance to blossom or charm. Too bad, because it’s a clever idea, and the film’s grating interest in ideas about chance and the general chaotic nature of the universe needs some reason for existing inside an otherwise straightforward story.” Full Review here.

Roger Ebert reviews the movie:

Generally, repetition is a great learning tool but a fraught narrative device. It can wear out its welcome, rendering its joke meaningless or only adding time to the length of a movie. There are, of course, some brilliant exceptions like “Groundhog Day” or “Russian Doll,” but Dean Craig’s “Love. Wedding. Repeat” is not one of them.

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