Women Protecting Wildlife

These women in Zimbabwe have been employed as members of an anti-poaching ranger unit called the Akashinga. (Akashinga is a Shona phrase for “the brave ones”) Their Facebook introduction is “Nature Protected by Women”. Read this story, watch the documentary and get to know their circumstances a little better.

Credit: Akashinga

A quote from their Facebook account: “As we expand our footprint into Africa’s Zambezi Valley, we are faced with the devastating effects that poaching has had on wildlife. IAPF’s newest land lease, the Songo Conservancy is abandoned trophy-hunting land, in need of rehabilitation. This land has had minimal conservation resources available for almost two decades and poaching has run rampant, with more than 75% of elephants in this region already wiped out.”

View the documentary here.

Want to read more about these amazing rangers?




And one more

Five Akashinga women looking to camera, wearing camouflage, green hats and and green face paint.
Source: International Anti-Poaching Foundation

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