Homemade face masks are trending

When you think of face mask manufacturing, images of factories producing thousands of masks boxed and ready for sale come to mind.

Things have changed a little.

Many of us are making our own masks, including kids.

Meet 13yo Sir Darius Brown

A great article about the popularity of homemade face masks

For those who want to make their own …

What you should look out for when making your own.


Many of those currently making masks are women.

Story from vox.com

Certainly, go ahead and make your own, I’ve made a few myself but remember, a mask is not a magic shield.

Please stay safe.

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Should Humans Inhabit Mars?

Stephen Hawking warned that humans needed to colonize another planet within 1,000 years but quickly upgraded that figure by saying we have to do it within 100 years in order to avoid extinction.

There’s a problem with this plan: under almost no circumstance is colonizing another planet the best way to adapt to a problem on earth.

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I guess many people are afraid of a doomsday scenario, where the Earth becomes weak and just cannot sustain life. Whether it’s because of nuclear war or massive global warming, a post-disaster Earth would be a lot more habitable than packing our suitcases, loading them into a spacecraft and zooming off to Mars.

Apart from the logistics of who gets to go on a 7 month space ride and what do we do when we get there, there are also ethical reasons behind even considering starting a colony on Mars or landing the first manned spacecraft on the planet.

Reading this article will give you reasons why we should travel to Mars.

Of course it goes without saying that there are risks involved; and you can read about them here.

There is a series entitled “Mars” which is a combination of a fact and fiction and I really enjoyed this show.

You can read a review here.

Don’t know what to pack for your trip to Mars? This book gives you tips and facts.

Whether you agree or not that we should sink billions of dollars into research to make it happen , it’s still an interesting discussion to have.

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A woman’s work is never done

When I was leaving school, the popular career options for females were secretary, nurse or teacher. Yes, I know many school leavers completed degrees in other fields but it seemed to me at the time in the late 70’s that these three careers were the ones being pushed the most.

Of course other factors influenced you as well; your mother and father and what they thought you should do, what your friends were doing and how well you did in your HSC. Economics also played a part. Having come from a single parent family, my father hightailed it out of there the moment I got my first job and I was left on my own to figure things out but that’s a whole other story !

I opted for secretary. I didn’t need a degree. I needed a job and it was a field in which I could learn and grow as technology progressed through the 80’s and 90’s and onwards.

But I could have been anything even though at that time it may have been a little bit harder to convince employers of that.

Of course though, women have been working for centuries outside of the home assisting on farms, working in the fields and other hard labour tasks.

This article fills you in on the lives of women working as truckers, a lobster fisherman, firefighters, butchers, mine operators and other areas of work usually considered to be “manly”.

women doing mens work

If you had a choice to reboot your career, what would you choose? I like to think that being a mechanic would be an interesting alternative to fetching my boss’s coffee. Which of course now, I fetch my own.

Sleep deprivation can kill you — here’s what sleeping less than 7 hours per night does to your body and brain

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About a third of US adults don’t get enough sleep.

And sleep deprivation has serious consequences for your brain and body.

Many people think they can get by on less than seven to nine hours a night – the amount of sleep doctors recommend for most adults – or say they need to sleep less because of work or family obligations.

Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, and kids have to get even more, though needs do vary from person to person. Some incredibly rare people can actually get by on a few hours of sleep per night, while others on the opposite end of the spectrum are sometimes called “long sleepers” because they need 11 hours nightly.

But regardless of your body’s clock, a lack of sleep will cause your physical and mental health to suffer.

Here are 30 health consequences of sleep deprivation.

Full story here …