Japan’s first wood-frame highrise to be built in Tokyo

Nomura Real Estate Development is in the process of building a wood-frame hybrid condominium in Tokyo’s Ochanomizu district.

Proud Kanda Surugadai is a 14-story, 36 unit condominium due for completion in March 2021. This is the first wood-frame hybrid condominium over 10 stories to have been built in Japan.

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Photo by Dean Cook on Unsplash

So, is wood stronger than steel? We’re not talking about simply chopping down a tree and using the trunk to build such structures. The wood used will most likely be compressed and densified to the point where it is tough and impact-resistant.

Here’s more about the advantages of building with wood.

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The Italian town where you can buy a house for just ONE Euro


Have you always wanted to live in your dream destination but houses are just too expensive?

Not for this man who purchased a house in Italy for one Euro!

“Two years ago I sold everything in Australia: my house, my car. I got rid of all my possessions and went traveling to Europe,” he told SBS Italian.

While Mark was on his travels, his cousin contacted him from Australia after reading an article on CNN saying they were giving away houses in Sicily.

He checked out the article, which led him to the website case1euro.it which has listings for available homes in the Municipality of Mussomeli, in Sicily.”

And although this may sound too good to be true, there is a downside as one Australian woman discovered.

“The catch? Buyers have to draw up renovation plans within a year and execute them within three.”

““The conditions were [such] that I would need to pay fees and permits” totalling $US22,000 AUD ($US17,040 US) before she started to renovate, she said.”

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Italy isn’t the only place where you can buy a cheap house. Japan is also making it known that you can own a house for free. No rent to pay and it is yours to own but “These homes aren’t 100 percent free. In fact, they require renovation, investment, and come with strict terms and conditions to make the home livable — the kind of terms and conditions that would make any potential buyer think again because of the price tags that go along with them.”

Nothing this cheap comes without conditions. But if you’re willing to meet those conditions, how cool to live in a different country and start anew!