The Italian town where you can buy a house for just ONE Euro


Have you always wanted to live in your dream destination but houses are just too expensive?

Not for this man who purchased a house in Italy for one Euro!

“Two years ago I sold everything in Australia: my house, my car. I got rid of all my possessions and went traveling to Europe,” he told SBS Italian.

While Mark was on his travels, his cousin contacted him from Australia after reading an article on CNN saying they were giving away houses in Sicily.

He checked out the article, which led him to the website which has listings for available homes in the Municipality of Mussomeli, in Sicily.”

And although this may sound too good to be true, there is a downside as one Australian woman discovered.

“The catch? Buyers have to draw up renovation plans within a year and execute them within three.”

““The conditions were [such] that I would need to pay fees and permits” totalling $US22,000 AUD ($US17,040 US) before she started to renovate, she said.”

Photo by Marisa Buhr on Unsplash

Italy isn’t the only place where you can buy a cheap house. Japan is also making it known that you can own a house for free. No rent to pay and it is yours to own but “These homes aren’t 100 percent free. In fact, they require renovation, investment, and come with strict terms and conditions to make the home livable — the kind of terms and conditions that would make any potential buyer think again because of the price tags that go along with them.”

Nothing this cheap comes without conditions. But if you’re willing to meet those conditions, how cool to live in a different country and start anew!

What is … Glamping?

The word “glamping” is a combination of glamour and camping. Instead of blowing up a smelly old airbed to sleep on and banging in the pegs of your tent when you’ve finally found a place to set up camp, it’s all done for you before you get there. But. You don’t have to sleep on the smelly airbed and listen to the wind whip your tent during the night while you lie there wondering if you need to go outside and check that the tent is secure.

Instead, when you glamp, you sleep like this …

what is glamping

or this …

what is glamping

As Lee Walton explains, “Glamping is essentially camping in luxury. But that’s not the only way it differs from traditional camping. There is a little more to it than that.”

When someone first mentioned glamping to me, it sounded awful. Evoking stereotypical images of pampered Kim Kardashian types who sip champagne while avoiding anything like getting their hands dirty.
I thought, what’s the point? But some research showed that this isn’t the case. As it turns out, glamping is actually much more interesting than I thought. Glamping is still quite an unusual activity, having not quite become mainstream yet, the great thing is that you can do it on a mountain, at a lake or even in your back garden right in the city center!
Go read this article by Lee Walton who gives a great explanation about glamping.
What do you wear while you are enjoying the afternoon sunshine with a cold white wine and nibblies?
You can always wear your flannelette shirt and jeans for comfort when glamping …
or maybe ….. dress it up a little!
Image result for vintage camping clothingImage result for glamorous vintage camping clothing
Visit Vintage Dancer for a history on what people used to wear camping.
Let’s talk about food. Always a great topic! Go here for delicious ideas when deciding what to cook for breakfast.
Music! Can’t go camping and not listen to a little music!
Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus join together to sing Jolene. Here
Want something a little softer? Iron and Wine sing Such Great Heights. Beautiful!
Enjoy the sunset …

So you want to see a penguin?

You can go see a penguin at the zoo ….

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

or …. You can visit Antarctica and see hundreds of them there!

Photo by Suzan Kiršić on Unsplash
Antarctica may not be the cheapest place you could visit from Australia but there are actually a few ways you can control the costs with a little bit of planning.
For a comprehensive rundown of how to get there, what to do and what you’ll see, this is a great place to start!
Visit a slice of history. When Sir Douglas Mawson explored Antarctica over a 100 years ago, small huts were built for research and living arrangements. Read more about this young explorer and what he achieved here.
So what is it that you should pack in your suitcase when visiting one of the coldest places on Earth? A lot more than a bikini! Here is a comprehensive list of essentials.
(Yes, he’s cute but I wouldn’t recommend you take your toddler with you!) Photo by Irene Wong on Unsplash
Now … not everybody wants to visit the penguins and other wildlife and be amazed at the historical goings on from past explorers.
What is China up to on our block of ice? Ok, Antarctica doesn’t really belong to Australia although we do feel like it is ours in a way, but it does need to be protected from future mining and other activities from our government as well as others.


Angry Bambi: Tourists teasing deer for Instagram selfies attacked in record numbers in Japan

Photo by Joey Huang on Unsplash

Hordes of tourists are ruining one of Japan’s most famous tourist attractions and are increasingly getting injured as they harass wild deer for selfies, according to local authorities.

More than 80 per cent of those are tourists, with many reportedly injured while attempting to take selfies with the deer by teasing the animals with food, and in some cases — trying to sit on and ride the deer.

Full story …