“Learning another language is like becoming another person.” Haruki Murakami

English 4 Nerds is my online teaching business.

Follow this link to visit English4Nerds

As an ESL teacher I offer a free weekly 20 minute class for all levels of students.

In addition to the free class, for $10 a week you can buy:

  • Weekly online conversation class with an English native speaker
  • Weekly topic in the form of a pdf including an English Glossary
  • An audio recording of the topic for you to listen to

This is a relaxed and learning environment where you won’t be slammed with grammar points (well, maybe some in context of the discussion!) and a place where you can either sit and listen or you can join the discussion.

You need to signup to the mailing list so I can send you the weekly link to the class hosted on zoom.com

Only paid subscribers will receive this link.

When you sign up, you will receive your first email with the topic and recording attached.

When are these classes????

At the moment classes are every Tuesday night at 8pm – 9pm Sydney time.

More classes will become available later.

This link takes you to the signup list