English Learning Bundle


What is the English Learning Bundle?

This bundle is designed to be educational and interesting. When you buy the English Learning Bundle about a certain topic, you receive the article, an audio recording of that article, a short comprehension activity or quiz AND you also receive the code to attend a 30 minute Question & Answer session with me on zoom.com

How Much is the English Learning Bundle?

The cost is AUD $5

How do I buy?

Go to the contact page on this website, email me and let me know which bundle you are buying and I will then send to you the pdf file containing the story and the quiz and the mp3 audio. You will also receive the code for the next Question & Answer session which is held every Wednesday evening (Sydney time) at 9pm for 30 minutes.

I will also send to you a PayPal money request for AUD $5. Please pay this amount within 7 days.

When are new bundles uploaded?

Two new stories are uploaded every Monday and Thursday.

Join the List

If you sign-up to my email list, you will receive a short email every Sunday with an update on the topics available for that week.