Private English Lesson

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.” Haruki Murakami

English Conversation Classes are scaled at AUD $10 per 15 minutes

15 mins = AUD$10
30 mins = AUD$20
45 mins = AUD$30

Bring your own topic or choose from the teacher’s list of conversation lesson plans.

Beginner to advanced conversation practice.

Your class includes:

  • Conversation practice one to one between student and teacher
  • Sentence context correction
  • Listening practice
  • Improve your English reading
  • Learn everyday general English
  • Learn Business & Presentation English
  • Reading, listening and speaking are covered in each online class
  • No boring topics. Lesson plans include conversations about:

Business, movies, fashion, food, sport, science, celebrities, literature, music, manga, anime, comedy, lifestyle, tourist destinations …

Choose from a list of topics or … bring your own! Sex or politics are not conversation subjects. Email to request the list of topics you can choose from.

You will receive reading material before class.

How to Pay?

  • Payment is via PayPal
  • Book your class
  • An invoice will be sent to your email. Make the payment
  • Receive your reading material
  • Come to class!


Business English classes designed specific to your business/work situation

Casual English topics – ask for the teacher’s list and choose your own