Who is Jennifer?



I have worked in the corporate sector for a number of years in a variety of roles and industries; patents, advertising, horse racing industry, IT are just a few.

My administration and teaching experience has provided me with a skillset that enables me to help your business and save you time.

Holding a degree in Asian Studies and a TEFL Certification has given me wonderful opportunities to teach English to international students from China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

  • For two years I taught at Hujiang, a major online education company in China
    where I would teach up to 1,000 students each class via CCTalk, their custom made learning platform.
  • I have taught writing and grammar to students from China at a local English college.
  • Worked as an English teacher in Japan.
  • Spent a year teaching with Berlitz, an internationally recognised language school.
  • Managed an online business where I taught students from Japan, Korea, Russia and China.


  • Japanese trains
  • Korean food
  • Science fiction and space (what’s going on Elon Musk?)
  • Casual Gaming (when I have time!)
  • Reading (always important to read a little every day)
  • Writing (I write short stories, mostly trashy fiction!)
  • Good health (exercising every day is hard work)
  • Tech news (I like to know what those robots are up to!)

That’s me.